Korea 2005
I went to korea in August of 2005 to give 4 lectures and tour around the country.
I started off in Seoul by visiting some palaces with Dr. Seong-Wook Hong.

Each morining I ran up the hill to Seoul Tower - the most direct route is nearly 1000 steps.

One of my students, Vlad, was working in Korea for the summer at Kumoh National University.
So we hooked up and went on a tour of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).

I then headed down to Busan to give a talk at Pusan National University.
We had a nice dinner on the top of a building overlooking the busy harbor.

I went back north for some more seminars.
Sometimes the questions you get after giving a talk really trip you upsidedown.

After such exhausting lecturing, if helps to refuel...on dog meat.

He is really anticipating the dog feast.

Here we go...

On the last day we went down to the ancient capital city.