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This is the home of the Georgia Tech RescueBot Competition Team, in its ninth year of existence. In 2013, Georgia Tech will partner with institutions on multiple continents. These international groups of students will compete in the ARLISS competition with funding from Boeing. Scroll down for more information about the team and the  competition.

Georgia Tech RescueBot
Project Overview

ARLISS: A Rocket Launch for International Student Satellites

The goal of this initiative is to provide students with hands-on experience in the design, construction, and launch of space systems. ARLISS was established in 1999 as a collaboration between the Stanford University Space Systems Development Program and rocket enthusiasts from Northern California. Held on the Black Rock Playa (a dry lake bed) in Nevada in late September, the members of the AERO-PAC rocket club provide rockets for the student payloads.  ARLISS is an international event; Japanese teams typically far outnumber American.  The ARLISS competition consist of two classes of satellites, described in the table below.

The goal of each class of entries is to autonomously navigate to a predetermined target after being launched to approximately 10,000 ft. (3050m).  To be considered the winner the entry must:

.•Operate autonomously

.•Stop within 10m of the Target

.•Provide proof of controlled guidance to target

Design Information

The Georgia Tech RescueBot Team operates out of the MaRC building of the Mechanical Engineering Department on Georgia Tech’s Atlanta Campus.  MaRC 268, the lab of Dr. William Singhose, is home to much of the RescueBot project.


Email is the best method to contact the Georgia Tech RescueBot team.  You may click one of the names below to contact us.


                Dr. William Singhose: faculty advisor

                Ali AlSaibie

                Arto Kivila

Partner Institutions
2003 ARLISS Competition
2004 ARLISS Competition
2005 ARLISS Competition
2006 ARLISS Competition2003_ARLISS_Pictures.html2004_ARLISS_Pictures.html2005_ARLISS_Pictures.html2006_ARLISS_Pictures.htmlshapeimage_19_link_0shapeimage_19_link_1shapeimage_19_link_2shapeimage_19_link_3
Kickoff Meeting: January 10, 2013
Concepts Meeting: January 17, 2013
Additional Concepts and Communication: January 24, 2013
Updates and ASME Contest: January 31, 2013
International Robot Concepts: February 7, 2013
Concept Selection and Collaboration Tools: February 14, 2013
Performance Tests and Next Phase: April 25, 2013
International Team Updates: May 30, 2013
Georgia Tech Update: June 25, 2013Home_files/RescueBot_KickoffMeetingPresentation_10Jan2013.pptxHome_files/RescueBot2013_ConceptsMeeting_17Jan2013.pptxHome_files/RescueBot2013_AdditionalConceptsAndCommunication_23Jan2013.pptxHome_files/RescueBot2013_UpdatesAndASMEContest_31Jan2013.pptxHome_files/RescueBot_InternationalConcepts_07Feb2013.pptxHome_files/RescueBot_ConceptSelectionCollaborationTools_14Feb2013.pptxHome_files/RescueBot_TestingAndNextPhase_25Apr2013.pptxHome_files/RescueBot_InternationalTeamUpdates_30May2013.pptxHome_files/RescueBot_GaTechUpdate_25Jun2013.pptxHome_files/RescueBot_KickoffMeetingPresentation_10Jan2013_1.pptxshapeimage_22_link_0shapeimage_22_link_1shapeimage_22_link_2shapeimage_22_link_3shapeimage_22_link_4shapeimage_22_link_5shapeimage_22_link_6shapeimage_22_link_7shapeimage_22_link_8

Many more in “International Robot Concepts” Slideshow