ME 2110, Creative Decisions and Design, is the introductory design course at Georgia Tech’s Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering. In ME 2110, undergraduate students learn about the engineering design process while they build a mechanical-electronic (mechatronic) device to compete in an end-of-term competition. You can follow these links to the course website and to a published paper that describes the goals and implementation of the course.

Course Website


Students enroll in ME 2110 during their second year at Georgia Tech. For many students, this is the first hands-on class in their Mechanical Engineering major; for some of our students this is the first opportunity to use tools. We have built out our design studio to assure that all of our students have the chance to use basic tools such as mills and lathes, as well as water jets and even laser cutters. Students also learn to control mechanical devices using sensors, motors and simple computers that we provide them in an electronics kit.

ME 2110 is a popular course at Georgia Tech, and it is having an impact on design education at other schools as well. The course and textbook have been adopted at Arizona State and at MIT, as well as in Korea, where we have had exchange students on the Atlanta campus. In China, the Huazhong University of Science and Technology has embraced the course fully, producing a bilingual translation of the course textbook and inviting Dr. Singhose to China to teach the lecture components of the course during summer, 2012.

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