ME 2110 - Creative Decisions and Design - Georgia Tech

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Pictures of the Contest

Search and Rescue Missions
Contest Information

Search and Rescue Results: Number of Wins  Round by Round
Design Review Results

Contest Seeding
Design Review Map - 5pm, April 3 (MRDC)
Final Contest Map - 6:15pm, April 3 (MaRC)
Competition Schedule (First Round)

Student teams should arrive at the MRDC at 4:30pm to check in and begin setting up. Judging begins at 5pm, so you must be checked in by then.
Family, friends, and other guests should also arrive by 4:30pm for food, refreshments, and a presentation about the course.

Any on-campus painting must be done in the paint trailer located in the MRDC loading dock.

View the ME 2110 Design Studio Webcams:

Room 2202: Webcam #1 Webcam #2
Room 2203: Webcam #1 Webcam #2

Course Information

Article Describing Course
Course Textbook

Open Hours Schedule   Monday & Wednesday schedule updated now that lectures have ended (Effective March 3rd).
Extended Open Hours Schedule for Competition Week (March 28 - April 3)

Studio Assignments

Studio 1: Introductory Design Project
    Spaghetti Tower Height Results
Studio 2: Machining & Mechatronics
Studio 3: Search and Rescue Mission
    Studio 3a: Planning Report and Presentation
    Studio 3b: Concept Evaluation Report and Presentation

Homework Assignments

Due 1/12: HW1 - House of Quality
Due 1/21: HW2 - Specifications
Due 2/4: HW3 - Safety and Risk Assessment
    Risk Assessment Template Spreadsheet
    Risk Assessment Results for All Sections
Due 2/18: HW4 - Planning

Selected Lecture Material

January 14: Basic Reporting and Honesty and Sources
January 26: Oral Presentations
February 2: Planning
February 9: Quality Assurance
February 18: Project Reports
March 30: Final Contest Timeline and Final Report Preparation

Machine Shop Information

Machine Shop Safety

Machine Shop Instruction Videos

  General Lab Safety (6.2 MB)
  Lathe Operating Instructions (30.5 MB)
  Mill Operating Instructions (31.3 MB)
  Drilling Instructions (24.0 MB)
  Tapping and Threading Instructions (27.8 MB)

Mechatronics Kit Information

Mechatronics and Pneumatics Manual
NI myRIO Controller - Programming Template
List of NI myRIO Mechatronics Kit Components

Past Design Contests

Fall 2012: ME 2110 Overview (59 MB)
Spring 2012: Contest Time Lapse

Additional Resources

IEEE Formatting Style and Reference Citation Guide (PDF)