Educational Objectives

Goals of the project include:
  1) Dynamic Testing
  2) Vibration Control
  3) Tip-Over Control
  4) Tele-Operation
  5) Multi-University Collaboration

This small-scale cherry picker will be used in undergraduate and graduate courses to teach students about the dynamics and control of flexible systems. The cherry picker will provide students with a novel opportunity to apply the knowledge they learn in their courses on an actual machine. Students will develop a model of the cherry picker using MATLAB and Simulink and apply various controls techniques, including feedback and input shaping, to their model. In addition, using MATLAB Real Time Workshop, the students can export their control algorithms and test them on the cherry picker.

The cherry picker is currently being used in an introductory mechanics course at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The machine will also be used in the Advanced Controls Implementation course at the Georgia Institute of Technology using tele-operation techniques.