The Indoor Flight Facility (IFF) at Georgia Tech, shown above, is used to test various flight control systems on Radio-Controlled (RC) helicopters. An E-flite CX3 RC Helicopter with a payload is shown above being flown by a pilot using a joystick with assistance from a flight control system programmed in MATLAB.

A Vicon MX motion capture system is used to measure the position and attitude of the helicopter and payload in real-time. The system consists of 12 MX-3+ cameras connected via 2 Vicon MX Ultranet units that stream camera data to the computer at 120 FPS. Vicon iQ version 2.5 software running on the computer is used to process the camera data from the MX Ultranet system, and the resulting position and attitude measurements are exported to MATLAB using the Vicon Tarsus Realtime data streaming application. These measurements are used in the flight control law and stored for later data analysis. Each MX-3+ camera can record 659x493 grayscale pixels. Position measurements made using this system have a resolution of approximately 1mm.

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